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2024 Films, Topics and Presenters confirmed to date.
** This list is being frequently updated as new speakers are confirmed **


Conference Introduction

Captain Tristan Loraine BCAi

Title: TBC

Swaran Sidhu

Head of Fleet Technical Management

easyJet airlines company ltd

Dealing with Cabin Odour Events

Ricardo Pavia

Airline Engineer

TAP Airlines - Portugal

New Biomarker of Exposure to Synthetic Jet Turbine Engine Oils

Professor Clem Furlong & Associate Professor Dale Whittington

Professor of Medicine (Div. Medical Genetics) & Genome Sciences

University of Washington

Indoor Air Quality in Aircraft: The Impact of Increased Mobility on Health Effects and the Influence of Bleed Air.

Associate Professor Seunghon Ham 

Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Graduate School of Public Health, Occupational and Environmental Health, 

Gachon University, Republic of Korea


A Survey of Flight Crew - Exposed or Not Exposed?

Marcus Diamond

Australian Federation of Air Pilots

Air Quality on Dassault Falcon Aircraft

Bernard Baldini

Dassault Aviation

Aviation Medicine - Aerotoxic Syndrome: Fact or Myth?

Dr. med. Denis Bron
Chef Flugmedizin, Head of AeMC
Eidgenössisches Departement für Verteidigung,
Bevölkerungsschutz und Sport VBS
Fliegerärztliches Institut FAI /
AMC Schweiz


Recent Research in Bleed Air Contamination Detection

Professor Byron Jones

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Kansas State University


Suspected Air Quality Problems on Board - Experiences & Actions

Richard Hansen

Turbine Engine Consultant


Clearing the Air, Safety Management Responsibilities Related to Cabin Air Quality

Captain Rudy Pont

Belgian Cockpit Association (BeCA)

IFALPA Director


Contaminated Air Litigation

Judy Cullinane

Aviation Legal Consultant


Benefits of a Humidification System with Active Carbon Filter

Ola Häggfeldt

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

CTT Systems AB, Sweden


BASF Ozone-VOC Converters: Enhance Your Comfort

Chris DiPaolo

Global Marketing Manager - Aerospace



Controlled VOC Ozone Converter Testing

Richard Fox, PhD,

ASHRAE Fellow Environmental Control Solutions Manager

AeroParts Manufacturing and Repair, Inc.


Collins Bleed-Free ECS

Lance R. Bartosz

Advanced Technology Manager

Power and Controls – Environmental & Airframe Control Systems

Collins Aerospace


Operational Aspects of Contaminated Air Events and the Benefits of using Peer-Support programs for Flight Crews: An Aeromedical perspective

Captain Rondeau Flynn

Aeromedical Chairman for Allied Pilots Association

The Question of Dose in Evaluating Chemical Exposures

Emeritus Professor C. V. Howard.  MB. ChB. PhD. FRCPath.

Professor of Pathology (toxicology) - University of Ulster


Flight Deck Contaminated Air Warning System?

A Negative or Positive Flight Safety Move?


Air Accident Investigator

An Airbus Pilot's Perspective

Thorsten Busch

Airbus A320


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