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2021 Conference Speakers


Mr. Paul Roux

Sr. Principal Engineer R&D

Pall Aerospace

Dr. Rick Mlcak

Sr. Principal Engineer

Pall Aerospace

Mr. Victor Leung

Global Marketing Manager,

Clean AirBASF

Mr. Dragos Munteanu 

Assistant Director Safety and Flight Operations - IATA


Mr. Eoin Coates and Mr. Kris Major 

European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF)

Dr. Mariano Di Matteo

Aero-Thermo-Mechanics Department

Université Libre de Bruxelles


Mr. David Conrad

Vice President, Business Development

PTI Technologies


Mr. Mike McConnell 

Aero Data Science / L2 Aviation

Mr. Ricardo Pavia 

Aircraft Maintenance | Systems Engineering - TAP


Mr. Jonathan Saltman

Member - Business Development 

Aviation Clean Air

Professor Dr.-Ing. Dieter Scholz, MSME
Aircraft Design and Systems Group (AERO) 
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Professor Vyvyan Howard
Professor of Pathology (toxicology)
University of Ulster


Ms. Sarah Shabbir
Institute for Aerospace Technology
The University of Nottingham

Mr. Tony Cable
Aircraft Accident Investigation Consultant (AAIB - retired)


Captain Rudy Pont

European Cockpit Association - Air Safety Committee


Ms. Gitte Furdal Damm
Human Factors Consultant


Mr. Halvor Erikstein
Industrial Hygenist
SAFE – Norwegian Union of Energy Workers

Mr. Frank Brehany

Independent Consumer Campaigner & Commentator


Ms. Judith Anderson, MSc CIH
Industrial Hygienist
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA


Mr. Daniel Dumalin, MSc.(Psy)
Research Psychologist specialised in Neurophysiology


Dr. Alvin V. Terry Jr. - PhD
Chairman, Dept of Pharmacology & Toxicology
Augusta University


Dr. Jonathan Burdon 
Consultant Respiratory Physician


Dr. Paul I. Williams

Senior Research Fellow

Centre for Atmospheric Science, The University of Manchester,

National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS), The University of Manchester


Dr. Susan Michaelis - PhD / MSc
Michaelis Aviation Consulting


Professor Clement Furlong

Professor of Medicine and Genome Sciences - University of Washington


Dr. Richard Fox - PhD
Aircraft Environment Solutions Inc.

Mr. Arie Adriaensen

KU Leuven University

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Professor Mohamed B Abou-Donia, Ph.D.

Duke University School of Medicine


Mrs. Gayle Fitzpatrick


Mr. Glen Lasken
Specialist worker's compensation attorney


Ms. Zoe Littlepaige
Athea Trial Lawyers &
Littlepage Booth Leckman


Ms. Alessandra Airaldi

GCAQE board member


Captain Nicholas McHugh

GCAQE board member

Captain Tristan Loraine BCAi

Conference Director