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2017 Proceedings

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Day 1: Tuesday 19th September 2017

Countess of Mar: Opening Speech (Keynote Speech) (Transcript)

Capt. Niels Gomer: Opening Speech

Capt. Tristan Loraine: Origins of Contaminated Air (Presentation)

Prof. Peter Childs: The Jet Engine Internal Air System (Presentation)

Dr Susan Michaelis & Mr John Morton: Mechanisms of Oil Leakage into the Cabin Air Supply and Regulatory Implications (Presentation)

Prof Dr.-Ing. Dieter Scholz: Aircraft Cabin Air and Engine Oil - An Engineering View (Presentation)

Dr. Antti Tuori: ICAO Guidelines on Education, Training and Reporting of Fume Events (Presentation)

Capt. Max Thomson & Mr Jordan Bray-Stone: EASA & FAA Research Findings (Presentation)

Mr. Arie Adriaensen: Cabin Air Quality - The International Perspective (Presentation)

Dr. Vincent Peynet: Hair Analysis: An Innovative Bio-monitoring Tool to Assess Tri-Cresyl-Phosphate (TCP) (Presentation)

Ms. Deanne DeWitt-Freise: A Captain & Cabin Crew Perspective (Presentation)

Capt. Michael Kramer: A Captain & Cabin Crew Perspective (Presentation)

Capt. Tristan Loraine: Air Accident Investigation Findings and Recommendations (Presentation)

Dr. David Stein: Moving Towards Total Cabin Air Filtration (Presentation)

Dr. Jonathan Burdon: Aerotoxic Syndrome: A New Occupational Disease? (Presentation)

Prof. Clement Furlong: Have You Been Exposed to Aircraft Engine Oil? - Candidate Biomarkers of Exposure (Presentation)

Day 2: Wednesday 20th September 2017

Prof. Colin Soskolne: A Win-Win-Win Path for Flight Safety, Health and Corporate Profits (Keynote Speech) (Presentation)

Prof. Vyvyan Howard: Classical 'One Chemical at a Time' Toxicology Cannot Address the Cabin Air Quality Problem (Presentation)

Dr. Alvin V. Terry Jr.: Organophosphate-based Chemicals, Axonal Transport and Cognitive Dysfunction (Presentation)

Dr. David W. Johnson: Lubricant and Lubricant Additive Degradation: Implications for Cabin Air Quality (Presentation)

Ms. Petra van Kesteren: Reach Substance Evaluation of Tricresyl Phosphate (TCP) (Presentation)

Prof. Chris van Netten: TCP Measurement Methods used to Identify Flight Crew and Passenger Exposure (Presentation)

Prof. Andrew Watterson: Mind The Gap? Falling Between Aviation and Occupational Health Safety Regulations, Health and Safety Management and Good Practice in Controlling Cabin Air Quality (Presentation)

Dr. Susan Michaelis: BA286 Diversion October 2016: A Consultant's Perspective (Presentation)

Mr. Chris Savage: Contaminated Air: Real Time Monitoring (Presentation)

Mr. Cliff Edwards / Dr. Susan Michaelis: Making the Case for Toxic Fume Management (Presentation)

Prof. Andrew Watterson: The Use of Exposure Standards in Aviation (Presentation)

Mr. Michael Rawlinson QC: The Law Up in the Air

Mr. David Gee: From Association to Causation: A Bradford Hill Approach to Aerotoxic Syndrome (Presentation)

Mr. Keith Taylor, Green MEP: Closing Speech (Transcript)

Presentations pending:

Dr. Astrid Heutelbeck: Health Disorders and Bio-monitoring Results in Aircraft Crew members After “Fume Events”

Mr. Grant Slusher: Installation and Data Acquisition from a Real Time Air Quality Sensor (RTAQS) Monitoring Pilot Breathing Air

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